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Looking for something more to do with horses? Come to the ranch and continue to grow your horsemanship skills learned from Horseplay 1 or 2. Students will have a fun week grooming, leading, experience the difference between riding bareback and in a saddle and much more! Campers will also go on a pasture ride. Each kiddo will take home a horseshoe print painted by the horses.


All skill levels welcome! Ages 8-16





This workshop will explore the techniques used for trail riding and different types of tack needed for trail riding. All students will get to go on a trail ride in the pasture and have lunch on the trail!

All skill levels welcome! Ages 8-16




Have you ever thought of having a goat as a pet? Some cities actually allow the dwarf breeds to live in your backyard!


Fun Fact: Did you know a baby goat is called a kid?

Come to the ranch and learn about these fun loving creatures! Find out about their nutrition and get to feed the goats. Learn how to handle them safely and lead a goat through an obstacle course. Students will also learn about the housing and fencing needs required to keep the goats contained (they are notorious escape artists!). Each day students get to interact with a different goat and will be able to explore any differences/similarities in their personalities.



All skill levels welcome!  Ages 7-16

** Special discount: 10% off each additional child within the same family **
Register with Kirsten by phone at 720-351-0150 or by email at
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