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Houdini, a six year old paint pony, joined the program in summer of 2012.  He is our resident escape artist, if there is an opportunity.  He is also the comedian of the herd and will play with anything he can find.  He came from a pony ride place where he did not like his job. Houdini has had to relearn a lot of things, but always is up to the challenge. He is currently under saddle training.  From a distance, the only way to tell Houdini apart from Magic is their size.
Luna and Chance
Luna and her baby, Chance, joined the herd in Aug. 2015.  Luna is a 14 year old black grade mare.  She is sensitive to pressure which allows students to learn how to give light cues when riding.  Luna loves to go on trail rides and play in water.
Chance is Luna’s baby who recently turned one year old!!  He is quickly learning anything that is taught to him.  Currently, he is under groundwork training and is eager to learn more.  More info to come as Chance grows.
Magic is a 15 year old paint gelding.  His fun and quirky personality is a great addition to our herd.  Magic was donated to Horseplay in the Fall of 2012.  Magic’s sensitivity teaches us you don’t have to ask loudly to get results. His newest venture shows how much he enjoys learning how to jump.
RAJA (retired)
Raja, a 26 year old Arabian gelding, joined the herd one week after Magic in Sept. of 2012. He has been a great teacher to a lot of riders over the years before he joined Horseplay and has continued being a teacher for many years as part of our family. His gentle nature was supportive of students who might be nervous or a little hesitant around big animals.
Rowan is a registered Quarter Horse who became part of the herd in July of 2016. He is a gentle giant who loves attention. Rowan’s responsive nature is great for riders of all abilities. He enjoys working in the arena or having fun out on the trail.
TAG (retired)
Tag, a 29 year old Appaloosa gelding, was donated in 2008 to the program by a wonderful family from Brighton.  Over the years, he has taught many children how to ride and build confidence on so many levels. He was even was a part of the Westernaires for a couple years in his youth!  Tag is now retired and spends his time hanging out in the pasture with Raja and being a role model to Luna’s baby, Chance.  Though Tag is retired, he the most expensive horse to feed and care for in the program.
To help sponsor Tag’s special needs expenses, make a donation today!
Thunder is a five-year-old paint miniature horse who joined the program in Summer of 2013.  He loves playing with horses of all sizes. Thunder's sensitive nature makes him a great therapy horse. He is currently under saddle and driving training and is eager to learn more.
Vinnie is a sweet, loving 21 yr old Arabian owned by Cathy Queen. She is generously allowing Vinnie to help teach participants in the Horseplay programs about riding and horsemanship. Vinnie loves attention and would stand and get groomed all day if he could. He is one of the first horses to greet you when you walk into the pasture. He is a great horse for both beginner and advanced riders. Vinnie seems to know if he has a beginner rider and will slow down accordingly.
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